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Sunday Outreach at the Zoo

Join us Sundays from 11:30am to 12:30pm for our flyer outreach at the zoo.  It’s a great way to engage the public to let them know about the elephants’ suffering and how they can help to end it.  We now do outreach every other Sunday, you can confirm if we are going on any given Sunday by contacting us on Sunday morning at info@freeoregonzooelephants.org. Or call 503-544-7384,  Please like us on Facebook to show Metro and the Oregon Zoo how many people want freedom for the elephants. Contact Metro and Oregon Zoo officials by email, phone, fax or post. Show up at rallies, protests, public meetings or testify at Metro hearings.  Be sure to add your name to our mailing list, so we can keep you informed on the latest news regarding the issues and events.

Share our Flyers with Friends and Neighbors

Help us spread awareness among your friends and neighbors on the ongoing issues. Click here to obtain printable flyers that can also be shared on social media.

Contact Metro Councilors & the Zoo Director

Contact Metro Councilors and the Oregon Zoo director to remind them of their responsibility to provide more humane conditions for the five zoo elephants.  Hold them accountable for honoring the promises they made in 2008 in return for voter support for the $125 million zoo bond measure. Tell them you want freedom for the five Oregon Zoo elephants.  Demand that they abandon their misguided plans for an aggressive elephant breeding program. Even if you are not a resident of Oregon, you can tell Metro councilors and the Oregon Zoo director that condemning elephants to lives in captivity at the Oregon Zoo is not acceptable and tantamount to animal cruelty.  Zoo Director Donald Moore 503-220-2450 Contact Metro President Lynn Peterson  503-797-1889 Councilor Shirley Craddick, district 1 Councilor Christine Lewis, district 2 Councilor Craig Dirksen, district 3 Councilor Juan Carlos Gonzalez, district 4 Councilor Sam Chase, district 5 Councilor Bob Stacey, district 6 Find which district you live in

Show Up

FOZE will be periodically organizing demonstrations to protest the captivity & poor living conditions of the five Oregon Zoo elephants, at the gates of the Oregon Zoo. Please join us to show your support. Events will be announced here, in our mailing list, and via social media.

Speak Your Mind

Metro allows public testimony at its weekly meetings.  FOZE will be choosing the most opportune times for citizens to show up and testify in numbers. Sign up for our email list or watch our website and Facebook page to be notified of dates and times. Write letters to the zoo, Metro and to the editors of your local media. Here is an excerpt from a letter to the zoo, in response to the zoo’s solicitation for membership:

Dear Jani Iverson,

   … the Oregon Zoo’s treatment of elephants is particularly distressing to me. I am well aware of the concerns surrounding the use of bullhooks and captive breeding programs. Nowhere does the Oregon Zoo’s true motives shine more glaringly than in its breeding of elephants. For the sake of profits gained through boosted attendance when a baby elephant arrives, a living being is created- yet when his novelty wears off, THE OREGON ZOO WASHES ITS HANDS OF HIM AND SELLS HIM OFF TO A CIRCUS. He then faces years of slavery and torturous treatment. Shame on those responsible for these decisions- and if you were not directly involved, SHAME ON YOU FOR STANDING BY. Please remove my name and address from your promotional lists. I assure you, your invitations to join the Oregon Zoo will go in vain here.

Sincerely and without regret, Dominica Roberts

And here is a letter to Metro and the Zoo regarding Packy’s death:

Dear all in charge of Packy’s welfare,
If the Oregon Zoo’s own recent reports regarding Packy’s over-all good mental and physical fitness were true, why was he euthanized?
Issues such as muscle loss, foot and joint issues and arthritis are caused by living in small, flat, synthetic enclosures, not simply age. (Remember Shirley the Asian elephant at the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary is 66 years old and still going strong. Wild Asian elephants can live into their seventies, and foot and joint disease and arthritis are not prevalent in wild elephants.) Plenty of natural space has proven to be the best remedy for joint issues, and sanctuaries have an abundance of natural, protected space. I’m shocked and deeply, profoundly disappointed that placing Packy at PAWS sanctuary was not even considered.
The Oregon Zoo has lost credibility with me for not taking animal welfare to heart. Why are zoo animals allowed to languish who show obvious signs of repetitive, stereotypic behavior indicating distress (such as Packy did, and such as many of the other elephants do, especially Chendra)?   Why, oh why, does the Oregon Zoo lag behind even in the minimal AZA standards and still use bullhooks? Also, killing animals who potentially have years left to live  because they don’t possess desired genes, or have become too old to bring in admiring  ticket buyers, or present more of a hassle than a benefit – such as Packy with contagious TB- lacks heart and compassion.
I also worry about the Oregon Zoo receiving money from taxpayers. I don’t want the zoo to import more elephants, even if they are “gifts” from foreign governments. (Asian elephants will always be better off in Asia. There are outstanding sanctuaries there such as Boon Lot’s Elephant Sanctuary and Elephant Nature Park  and Wildlife SOS that can care for them far better than any zoo can, if they must be in captivity.  The best use of zoo funds is always to support elephants in their native lands, not trying to care for them here, which is expensive and futile, as they cannot repopulate the wild here. It is also cruel, as elephants do poorly in zoos, the Oregon zoo included.
Sanctuaries are not the enemy. They serve a vital role in elephant care, especially geriatric elephant care. Please remember that.
Kind Regards,

(Note, Shirley is actually 69 years old now.)

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Make A Donation

Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants is a group of dedicated volunteers and has no paid staff. We are working to enlighten the public and our public officials about the plight of the five elephants at the Oregon Zoo. In order to continue and expand our efforts, we are asking for financial donations. Any amount would be helpful to cover our costs for printing flyers, creating posters and other outreach materials.

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