May Memorial and Vigil for the Elephants standard

In the last three years alone, four elephants have died at the Oregon Zoo. So far, 21 of the 28 elephants born at the zoo have died. To commemorate their deaths and tragic lives in captivity, we are holding this silent, peaceful protest/memorial. We will have fliers and tombstones, but if anyone wants to bring their own sign, we welcome you to do that. It’s always best to take the MAX to the zoo. Please wear black and share this event with your friends and family. The elephants need us! Thank you for your compassion! May Memorial and Vigil for the Elephants Sunday, May 26 12 pm to 2 pm Oregon Zoo Join on Facebook

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Petition: Tell the Indigo Girls to cancel their summer concert at the zoo and pledge to not attend any summer concerts standard

Summer concerts at the Oregon Zoo are loud and bombard the elephants’ sensitive hearing. The concert stage is adjacent to the elephant habitat, but even it were located as far away as the zoo could make it, it would still be too close, as elephants can hear for six miles. The elephants exhibit stereotypical pacing and Chendra walks in circles during these concerts. Please refuse to attend these concerts that go on for three months every week in the summer and tell the Indigo Girls to cancel their concert on June 15. Thank you. Petition link Pledge link Thank you for taking the time to sign the petition and pledge.

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Spring Fling Bake Sale & Social May 25 standard

Click on the  image and print out this flier to share.  Join on Facebook  We welcome vegan bakers! And anyone who has any items for our raffle and auction! Do you have Blazer or movie tickets? A gift certificate to a massge therapist? Restaurant gift certificate? A book on elephants? Anything you would like to donate is welcome to help us raise funds to support Prince at PAWS and FOZE. Just contact us at to make arrangements for delivery or for us to pick up. Thank you!

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Rally for World Zoothanasia Day Feb. 9 standard

This is our second annual World Zoothanasia Day, in honor of Packy, and in memory of the thousands of animals who are needlessly killed in zoos every year. Please join us and help us send a message to the public that this killing needs to stop and the zoo needs to move towards closing the elephant exhibit, as over 29 zoos have already done. Four elephants were put down in the last three years, Packy, at 54, was the oldest, Rama was 31, Tusko 45 and lily just one day shy of her 6th birthday. All died before their expected lifespan in the wild. We will be joined by activists at Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles and members of LEAP ...

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International Vigil report back standard

We had a very moving candlelight ceremony where we read statements about the elephants who died in zoos during the last year.  Elephant advocates around the world  sent in photos of their own vigils. See a beautiful video commemorating the vigil, created by our ally Lucy’s Edmonton Advocates Project(LEAP) in Edmonton, Canada. And see all the photos and videos of our vigil in Portland on our Facebook event page.

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