Rally for World Zoothanasia Day Feb. 9 standard

This is our second annual World Zoothanasia Day, in honor of Packy, and in memory of the thousands of animals who are needlessly killed in zoos every year. Please join us and help us send a message to the public that this killing needs to stop and the zoo needs to move towards closing the elephant exhibit, as over 29 zoos have already done. Four elephants were put down in the last three years, Packy, at 54, was the oldest, Rama was 31, Tusko 45 and lily just one day shy of her 6th birthday. All died before their expected lifespan in the wild. We will be joined by activists at Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles and members of LEAP ...

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International Vigil report back standard

We had a very moving candlelight ceremony where we read statements about the elephants who died in zoos during the last year.  Elephant advocates around the world  sent in photos of their own vigils. See a beautiful video commemorating the vigil, created by our ally Lucy’s Edmonton Advocates Project(LEAP) in Edmonton, Canada. And see all the photos and videos of our vigil in Portland on our Facebook event page.

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International Candlelight Vigil for Elephants standard

Saturday, January 5 (the last night of Zoo Lights)5 to 7 p.m. Oregon Zoo (take the MAX to the zoo, as parking lots will be crowded.)Join on Facebook FOZE is teaming up with Portland Animal Save, Care2, Lucy's Edmonton Advocates Project (LEAP), Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles, Save Nosey Inc and Voices for Asha to hold vigils in several cities in the US and Canada, to honor the dead elephants and to shine a light of hope for freedom for all the remaining elephants in captivity. If you can't make it to one of the group vigils, please hold your own vigil wherever you are, light a candle for the elephants and send us a photo to share on our ...

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RIP LILY: vigil tonight Sat. Dec. 1 at the Oregon Zoo standard

Thursday, November 29, one day before her sixth birthday Lily died from the herpes virus at the Oregon Zoo. Lily is the 21st out of 28 elephants born at the zoo to die. She is the 4th elephant to die in the last three years. We are deeply saddened for Rose-Tu, Lily’s mother and her adopted aunties, Chendra and Shine.  Lily’s death is our rallying cry to end the failed breeding program at the zoo, so no more elephants live and die in a zoo, never to know one day of freedom or experience life as a real elephant. Join us tonight, Saturday, Dec. 1 from 5 to 7pm for a vigil and protest at the Oregon Zoo. And please ...

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FOZE response to Oregon Zoo Director standard

Recently, Don Moore, Director of the Oregon Zoo posted statements on the Zoo’s website chastising Care 2 for its Free Chendra billboards and called FOZE out for being anti zoo. Here is our response. And you can see the director’s statement on the Zoo site here. Director’s statement on misinformation in anti-zoo campaign ZOO: The worldviews of animal and wildlife advocates are as varied as their chosen causes, from animal rights to habitat conservation. Some groups are firmly anti-zoo, and though this perspective is at odds with our mission, we share their passion for the well-being of animals. FOZE: We have always said we are anti elephants in zoos, not anti zoo, but no matter how many times we say it, ...

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