World Zoothanasia Day
Saturday, Feb. 10
The Oregon Zoo
12 to 2pm

In honor of Packy, the elephant unnecessarily euthanized by the Oregon Zoo, the day of his death, Feb. 9, 2017 has been declared World Zoothanasia Day by international animal organization In Defense of Animals and Dr. Marc Bekoff.*

We are planning to honor World Zoothanasia Day on Saturday, Feb. 10 so that as many as possible can join us.

Recently 9 lion cubs were killed at a Swedish Zoo. The cubs were healthy, the only reason the zoo gave to kill them was they were considered “surplus” animals. Over 3,000 animals are unnecessarily killed every year in zoos worldwide. As Marc Bekoff* states, this is not euthanasia, which is practiced when animals are suffering, this is zoothanasia and it needs to stop. So in Packy’s memory, Dr. Bekoff, along with In Defense of Animals, declared February 9, 2017 World Zoothanasia Day.

Packy gave 54 years, his entire life to the Oregon Zoo, he provided semen to the zoo’s breeding program, siring 7 babies, and was a source of increased ticket sales every year during his birthday celebration. According to his keeper, he was exercising, eating and was exploring his habitat more after being taken off TB drugs, which were making him ill. But on February 9, 2017, the zoo ignored the pleas of his keeper and the public, and took away any chance for Packy to live out his life.

Join us in honoring Packy and all those who are needlessly killed in zoos every year.

*Professor emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder

Sponsored by Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants (FOZE)
and In Defense of Animals, and co hosted by Portland Animal Save

We meet in the front of the zoo, near the entrance gate. There is parking available, but we suggest taking MAX as it goes right to the zoo. We will have signs to share and flyers, but feel free to also make your own: we always appreciate your creativity!

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