Tusko was shipped from his native land of Thailand directly to a U.S. zoo. He was subsequently shipped seven more times from circus to theme park to rental business and back. This is a common practice among Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the zoo industry organization regulated and funded by the captive elephant trade.

1971 – Born wild in Thailand
1978 – Shipped to Rex Williams from Sanford Central Florida Zoological Park 1979 – Shipped to Circus Vargas from Rex Williams
1982 – Shipped to Rex Williams from Circus Vargas
1987 – Shipped to African Wildlife Safari from Rex Williams
1992 – Shipped to Have Trunk Will Travel from African Wildlife Safari
1995 – Shipped to Chaffee Zoological Gardens from Have Trunk Will Travel 2003 – Shipped to Have Trunk Will Travel from Chafee Zoological Gardens 2005 – Shipped to the Oregon Zoo

NOTE: Of the seven organizations and businesses listed above, only Have Trunk Will Travel and the Oregon Zoo continue to own elephants. Circus Vargas discontinued featuring elephants in their performance in 2010 due to public protests and ethical concerns.

SOURCE: Absolute Elephant Information Encyclopedia Database www.elephant.se