Tusko, 45, was euthanized at the Oregon Zoo on December 22, 2015. The zoo stated that he had a decades old leg injury and he was in so much pain, unable even to stand without leaning on his trunk, that they had to put him down. This is eerily similar to Rama, who was euthanized at the age of 31 in March of 2015. Here is a brief history of Tusko’s life:tusko

 In memory of Tusko

Born in Thailand in 1971, Tusko was captured and brought to the US to a zoo in Florida, next he worked with a circus trainer and did tricks for Circus Vargas in Las Vegas. His next move was to Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT) who trains elephants for entertainment venues including tv, movies, circuses and rents them out for elephant rides at weddings and parties. In 2005 the Oregon Zoo acquired a contract for Tusko through a breeding loan. He sired two calfs, Samudra in 2008 and Lily in 2012. He sustained a leg injury sometime in his past per the zoo, and before he was euthanized he was leaning on his trunk to support his weight. Tusko like many of the elephants at the zoo had chronic foot disease, he was also blind in one eye and had his tusks removed due to an infection. Tusko contracted TB in 2014 and was pronounced cured by the zoo a few months ago. So Tusko’s entire life was spent as a working elephant, torn from his homeland, shipped a world away and forced to perform for the public. RIP Tusko. You deserved so much better. But you are free at last.