Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants (FOZE) and IDA (In Defense of Animals) invite you to join us in remembering Packy on what would have been his 55th birthday. We believe the best way to honor Packy is by telling the truth about his life. For all of his 54 years, he never had the opportunity to live his life as the wild bull elephant he was born to be. He suffered the deprivations of captivity, including long periods of isolation and a myriad of zoo-related physical conditions and illnesses, including TB.

Elephants never forget. And we will never forget this iconic elephant who inspired us to fight for his freedom and the freedom of all the Oregon Zoo elephants. And all elephants everywhere who continue to suffer in captivity.

Saturday, April 15
11 am to 1pm
The Oregon Zoo

We will have signs to share but feel free to make your own. The best way to get there is by MAX.

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