Who We Are

We are compassionate citizens from all walks of life, moved to act to create a better future for the five remaining captive Oregon Zoo elephants. Our campaign to free the elephants began when voters passed a $125 million Metro Zoo Bond Measure in 2008. A portion of this money was intended to provide more humane conditions for the elephants.

Since that time, however, Metro and Zoo officials have forgotten the measure’s original intent. Instead of developing a spacious 200 acre offsite preserve, they cancelled the preserve and simply expanded the current onsite habitat from 1.2 acres to a little over 4 acres and plan to participate in an aggressive elephant breeding program.

What began as an effort to create truly humane conditions for the elephants, has now become a program to recklessly breed them. Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants (FOZE) is working to build a broad, dynamic citizen movement to influence Metro and the zoo to abandon all plans for an elephant breeding program, to halt the import of elephants from the wild and to transfer Packy to a warm, dry sanctuary where he can roam freely and have a chance to heal from his TB. When Packy was put down in February of 2017, in his honor we are working to free Chendra to sanctuary. And finally, FOZE is working to eventually close the elephant exhibit at the Oregon Zoo and to allign with other elephant advocates to close all elephant exhibits in zoos and send the long-suffering elephants to sanctuaries.

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