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At 5:30am on Thursday, February 9, 2017, Packy, the Oregon Zoo’s 54-year old senior elephant, was injected with a lethal drug and shortly later, he died. Why was Packy put down? We believe as his keeper stated who posted on a dedicated Facebook Page that the decision to end Packy’s life was  “..not based on science, safety or Packy’s best interest. It is a risk based decision made by politicians, attorneys and other officials who fear the future repercussions of keeping him alive.” We are seeking the truth about Packy’s untimely zoothanasia. We have requested clinical records from Metro and will post whatever information we find. We believe that this is a crime and it needs to be investigated. But as ...

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Act Now to Save Packy! standard

We have been alerted to the possibility that Metro and the zoo are planning to euthanize Packy. Why? Because he cannot be treated for TB, and he could transmit the disease–and what we suspect is a prime motivation, Packy is a financial burden who is not increasing ticket sales. Whatever the case may be, we join the efforts of Packy’s keepers in trying stop any plans to euthanize Packy. His keepers are arguing that he is not suffering and protocols are in place to keep him from infecting anyone else. Whatever our differences with the zoo staff–we obviously believe Packy should go to sanctuary and not remain at the zoo, we do agree that if Packy is not suffering, he ...

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Holiday song book for captive elephants standard

Every year, we at FOZE bring our Free Packy lights and shine a little light on the plight of Packy and the elephants at the Oregon Zoo. This year one of our talented supporters created this beautiful songbook with lyrics to popular holiday songs. We plan to sing them during our Light up the Zoo to Free Packy  event this year, but the lyrics can be used for any elephants (and other captive animals) anywhere, so please share far and wide and help ring in a season of compassion and freedom for these long-suffering animals. holiday song book

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Light up the Zoo to Free Packy! standard

Zoo Lights is time for Packy Lights! Join us as we once again this year bring our message to Free Packy to the thousands of people who go to Zoo Lights. We have song books to share with you so join us in heralding zoo visitors with special holiday songs for Packy and the elephants. We will also have flyers to share with the public, so join us for some merriment with a message. We strongly suggest you take the MAX, as the parking lots will be full–though there is a shuttle lot, so if you need to drive, you can park there and get a ride up to the zoo. Saturday, December 17 Oregon Zoo 5 to 7pm Join ...

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