Why did Packy Have to Die? standard

Did Packy die to bring in a new breeding elephant to the Oregon Zoo? Right before Packy was put down in Feb of 2017, there was a closed door meeting at the zoo. It was reported that a zoo staff member stated that a baby elephant is worth more than an old sick elephant. At that point Packy’s days were numbered. Packy’s keeper went public about this meeting to let us know the zoo and Metro had no good reason to kill Packy. He was doing better after being taken off the toxic TB drugs that had caused him to lose a massive amount of weight and to feel ill for much of the last 3 years. Speculation was the ...

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Photo gallery from conference standard

Elephant advocates converged on Portland from all parts of the globe to listen, learn, be inspired and mobilize to move forward with an alliance to help solve the problems for captive elephants everywhere at the International Free the Elephants Conference & Film Festival. This blog by artist Thyra Rutter, who was a panelist and moderator at the conference says it beautifully and eloquently. Photography by Mariah Finch 

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Conference Updates! Lodging Share Board, New Ticket Types, and more! standard

Our Free the Elephants Conference is right around the corner in 20 days! Here are a few updates for those registered, or for those who are thinking about it: We’ve heard from some attendees that they would like the opportunity to share their hotel stay with a roommate in order to reduce expenses. If you’re interested in a lodging share, please send an email requesting the Lodging Share Board link from conference@freeoregonzooelephants.org. Those conference attendees requesting will be given access to a private Google Doc where they can post their contact info to share with others who may be interested in a Lodging Share. Early Bird Registration is over, and along with Regular Registration we have launched some new ticket types ...

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One Green Planet shares news about our conference standard

“At the forefront of these encouraging changes is a gathering of some of the wisest, most inspiring warriors in the fields of elephant care, science, and advocacy; hearteningly, these change-makers are bringing their passion and mission to Portland, Oregon with the Free the Elephants Conference and Film Festival (FECFF). Some of the highlights of this labor-of-love include a dream team of elephant experts, award-winning films, and exemplary wildlife photography.” Early bird registration ends March 31, register now for this history-making conference. 

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