World Zoothanasia Day standard

World Zoothanasia Day Saturday, Feb. 10 The Oregon Zoo 12 to 2pm In honor of Packy, the elephant unnecessarily euthanized by the Oregon Zoo, the day of his death, Feb. 9, 2017 has been declared World Zoothanasia Day by international animal organization In Defense of Animals and Dr. Marc Bekoff.* We are planning to honor World Zoothanasia Day on Saturday, Feb. 10 so that as many as possible can join us. Recently 9 lion cubs were killed at a Swedish Zoo. The cubs were healthy, the only reason the zoo gave to kill them was they were considered “surplus” animals. Over 3,000 animals are unnecessarily killed every year in zoos worldwide. As Marc Bekoff* states, this is not euthanasia, which ...

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The Oregon Zoo makes IDA’s 10 worst list again standard

Once again in 2017, the Oregon Zoo makes the list of IDA’s (In Defense of Animals) top ten list of worst zoos for elephants. This makes the 8th time the zoo has received this dishonor. CREDIT: Oregon Historical Society Research Library Packy’s untimely death is the reason this time, but we would like to add the rampant spread of TB as another along with many more reasons to call out the Oregon Zoo for its poor record of elephant care. The zoo faced stiff competition from the 9 other zoos who made the list. The St Louis Zoo also has a sordid history of breeding disease and death. And the Pittsburgh Zoo trotted out its sickly baby elephant to please zoo ...

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New Year’s message from FOZE standard

A special thanks to our supporters over the years On February 9, 2017, 28 days from his 55th year in captivity, Packy was euthanized at the Oregon Zoo. No longer a popular icon for the zoo, no longer a viable sperm donor, no longer able to entertain the public, Packy, like so many sick and aging captive elephants, was put to death. It wasn’t the ending we envisioned for him, not the rolling green hills of a sanctuary, or even the offsite preserve promised to us in the 2008 bond measure, and then voted down 7 years later by Metro. There is some relief knowing that Packy’s last few months on earth were relativeley pain free. Having been taken off ...

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Shine has TB standard

Shine is the 4th elephant to contract TB at the Oregon Zoo. First Rama, then Packy, then Tusko–all came down with TB, and now all three are dead. With Shine, it means Packy’s entire family at the zoo was inflicted with this disease. Rama was Packy’s son and Shine is his daughter. Shine will now be quarantined and isolated from the herd, which is especially hard on female elephants who are highly social and need other elephants as company. It calls into question just how safe the protocols are to protect the elephants at the zoo. I

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Spring Fling Bake Sale & Social May 6 standard

Join us in supporting Prince who was born in 1987 at the Oregon Zoo. At 16 months, he was sold to Ringling Brothers Circus. He eventually made it to PAWS in 2011. All proceeds of this event go to PAWS to help with the cost of Prince’s care and to support Free the Oregon Zoo Elephant’s mission to: End captive breeding; Halt the acquistion of elephants from the wild; Free the elephants to sanctuaries Join on Facebook

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