When is a zoo like a circus? standard

The Oregon Zoo claims to be about conservation, but Happy Hour For the Elephants, Happy Hour For the Hippos, Zoo concerts, Campouts at the zoo, etc, prove otherwise.   What tactics were used to train the elephants to perform for zoo visitors? Since the zoo refuses to give up its use of bullhooks, we have to wonder if the elephants were trained to perform using this weapon. Since they were young, they were coerced into action with the bullhook, so by the time they are adults, simply pointing the dull end is sufficient to get them to behave however the zoo staff wants them to. That is why at FOZE we advocate for the zoo to adopt a total protected contact ...

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Why did Packy Have to Die? standard

Did Packy die to bring in a new breeding elephant to the Oregon Zoo? Right before Packy was put down in Feb of 2017, there was a closed door meeting at the zoo. It was reported that a zoo staff member stated that a baby elephant is worth more than an old sick elephant. At that point Packy’s days were numbered. Packy’s keeper went public about this meeting to let us know the zoo and Metro had no good reason to kill Packy. He was doing better after being taken off the toxic TB drugs that had caused him to lose a massive amount of weight and to feel ill for much of the last 3 years. Speculation was the ...

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Photo gallery from conference standard

Elephant advocates converged on Portland from all parts of the globe to listen, learn, be inspired and mobilize to move forward with an alliance to help solve the problems for captive elephants everywhere at the International Free the Elephants Conference & Film Festival. This blog by artist Thyra Rutter, who was a panelist and moderator at the conference says it beautifully and eloquently. Photography by Mariah Finch 

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