Packy is suffering from TB and so has not been shown in public for a really long time. We at FOZE are tired of waiting to see him, so we decided to take matters in our hands and conduct a scavenger hunt to spot him. Help us locate him by playing the game and win exciting prizes!

There are five cardboard toys of Packy, each sporting a letter of his name, at each of five local independently-owned businesses in the Portland area who are supportive of our cause.


Packy’s all over the town!

We will provide clues to their whereabouts. Your mission is to:

  1. Solve the clues to figure out the businesses that house toy Packys and then take the pictures (preferably selfies!) with the toy Packys at each of the locations. You are not required to purchase anything at the businesses if you don’t want to.
  2. Send the pictures to us. Email them to with your name. The photos remain your property and we will not use them without your express permission.
  3. Collect your prize at the next FOZE event (to be announced after the contest). Guaranteed prizes for everyone who completes the “hunt”.

For those of you who want to play from the comfort of your home, we have an option for you too (we’d still like you to show up to collect your prize)!

  1. Solve the clues to figure out the businesses that house the toy Packys.
  2. Send us the names of the streets where the businesses are located. Email them to with your name.
  3. You’ll be entered in a raffle to win prizes!

We have several prizes donated generously by Ricki Duckwall – elephant bracelet, Rama memorial paving stone, Elephant-themed cards. Gift certificate at Rich Earth organic skin care studio donated generously by Marna Herrington. We also have FOZE T-shirts, tote bags and key chains to give out. Ready? Let’s get started!

Here are the clues:

  • Clue for the first location:

Packy is the largest vegan in Portland,

He’s no carnivore.

He doesn’t buy clothes to wear,

But if he did, he’d go to —?

  • Clue for the second location:

Sustainably sourced, natural items

Abound in this community store.

For kitchen, bath or bed products

Your search would stop at —?

  • Clue for the third location:

Satisfying cravings for Asian food

Of the ethical vegan to the health nut;

Nobody’s turned away without some soup,

For there’s no room for hate at —?

  • Clue for the fourth location:

Freshly made comfort foods,

Including vegan mac & cheeze.

If it’s also all organic,

It must be —?

  • Clue for the fifth location:

“Inn” and out,

The visitor goes,

To sleep, and eat vegan

At the —?

Hope you have fun playing!