Oregon Zoo Elephants Health Records Obtained in 2005

Chendrawasi (Chendra)

Born 1993 wild.

Recurring medical problems include chronic bilateral middle ear disease (inflammation of the middle ear, infection, discharge,etc.), anemia and skin allergies. Permanently blind in one ear from an injury received in Malaysia. Classic nail abscess (which the vet notes is “pretty alarming in an animal this young and small”).

Bull hook wounds. (A bull hook is an outdated management tool with a steel hook on one end, used to train and control elephants.) Skin nicks found all over left front limb metacarpal “as though she were heavily ‘cured’ with a bull hook on this limb”. Keepers “may cure her more frequently and aggressively on this side because it’s her blind side”. Other puncture wounds and abscesses also noted that are probably bull hook related.

Behavioral problems. Swaying while chained for bath, tearing up rubber matting and possibly ingesting pieces.She has been injured a number of times by aggression from Shine and was thought to be ingesting sand due to the fact that Shine was taking hay away from her.

Rose-Tu (Rosey) – born 8/31/94 at the Oregon Zoo

Survivor of a set of twins. Mother Me-Tu and father Hugo are both dead. Kicked her handler when her rear leg was chained. Characterized as flighty, stubborn and extremely dependent on the herd.

NOTE: On April 27, 2000 was abuse by an Oregon Zoo keeper with a bull hook. An exam on April 19 found multiple puncture wounds on her head, behind her ears, on bothshoulders and on both rear limbs. There were also two puncture wounds in the soft skin between the anus and the base of the tail. Rose also had a 15” long laceration over the top of the gluteal area. She became agitated when her tail area was examined and further lesions could not be identified.

Also noted: foot problems cracked and overgrown nails, sole fissures and bone fractures in the P2 and P3 digits on her back feet. Records attribute to “possible substrate problem” of “repetitive stress injury”. Rose’s abuse at her keepers hands was so severe as to warrant the USDA to file file against the Oregon Zoo for Animal Welfare Act violations, a step rarely taken against a zoological institution. Three months later, vets noted superficial scars around the perineal are from bull hook abuse.

Surin- Surin (Shine)

Born 4/14/62 at the Oregon Zoo

Chronic foot problems starting when she was just 13 1/2 years old, including an infected nail lesion on her right front foot in the space between nails 4 and 5.. This nail lesion/ abscess has frequent “blowouts”. Fractured and abnormal toes. “Copious bleeding” after debriding a foot ulcer. Foot condition steadily declines. Change in angulation of her right limb is noted and vets believe it is the beginning of degeneration joint disease. Also noted is the observation that she is dragging her foot when she walks. Diagnosed as obese. Numerous bull hook wounds noted four times on triceps area, trunk, should and foot.


Born 4/14/62 at the Oregon Zoo.

Chronic problems with cracked nails, lesions, abscess on right front foot. Recurring abscess lesion on the left side of his head from lying on concrete floor and a hygroma on the side side of his head. Diagnosed as emaciated 1/31/2003. Foot injury from kicking door. Possible bull hook wound on right front limb 1/24/2001. In Spring 2013 he received ibuprofen and acetaminophen for lameness. Placed in Ibuprofen and Phenylbutazone dosage studies which require repeated restraint and bleedings.

Recurring abscess / lesion on the left side of his head from lying on a concrete floor and a hygroma (a soft, fluid-filled subcutaneous swelling over a bony prominence) on the right side of his head. Foot injuries from repeatedly kicking a doors. Packy has sired a number of calves. He has been the object of repeated attempts to extract sperm (through rectal palpitation and use of artificial vaginas) for artificial insemination. Along with Rama, Packy was recently diagnosed with tuberculosis which, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) only occurs in captive elephants. He is not tolerating his TB medications which are compromising the health of his liver.

Note: Of 11 people with the closest and most prolonged contact with Packy and Rama, 4 have tested positive for latent TB. Of the 32 who have less frequent contact, 1 tested positive for latent TB.


Born April 1, 1983 at the Oregon Zoo.

Recurring problems resulting from thin pads on both front feet with chronic ulcers on pad under Nail #2 of the left foot which abscesses at least one a year. Treated regularly with Ibuprofen and Cosequin. Left front leg is fused at the elbow as a result of falling into the old moat. Intermittently lame with hyper-extended looking elbow joint of the right front leg. Exhibits strange gait to compensate for stiff joints. Exhibits stereotypic rocking that seems to increase each time he is in Musth exacerbating his foot problems.

Semen has been collected from rectal palpation, but he has also been introduced to an artificial vagina. No attempts at natural breeding have been made. Now suffering from active tuberculosis.

Sumudra (Sam)
Born August 23, 2008 at the Oregon Zoo No records


Born November 3, 2012 at the Oregon Zoo Arrived after health records were obtained.


– born 1971 – in the wilds of Thailand Arrived after health records were obtained.