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New video of Chendra standard

Chendra 1 Chendra was seen during the July 2nd Zoo concert exhibiting her usual stereotypical circling. It doesn’t seem like the new exhibit has made much of a difference for Chendra. She was imported from Malyasia in 1999 and has been diagnosed with severe steretotypical behavior and she developed severe foot disease within months of coming to the zoo. Also see new video of Rose-Tu, Lily and Samudra. Zoo concerts are very disruptive to the elephants, as they have extremely sensitive hearing and can in fact hear for a distance of 2 miles. Their enclosure is adjacent to the concert stage at the zoo so they are assaulted with loud music and crowd noises throughout the summer concert season. Chendra ...

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Rally for Packy’s 54th Birthday standard

Saturday, April 16, join FOZE, IDA and Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants in sending the message that Packy deserves freedom for his birthday. For the first time in the Oregon Zoo’s history, there will be no public celebration for Packy’s birthday. He continues to suffer from TB, foot disease, arthritis and joint disease. Get a ride up to the zoo for the rally on Joe’s Cool Bus. Meet on SE Stark between SE 12 and 13th at 1:30pm. The bus will take you back after the rally. Also testify for Packy’s freedom on the acutual day of his birthday, Thursday, April 14 at Metro. Join on Facebook. RALLY FOR PACKY’S BIRTHDAY Metro Hearing Thursday, April 14 2pm Metro 600 ...

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The life and death of Tusko: 1971-2015 standard

Tusko, 45, was euthanized at the Oregon Zoo on December 22, 2015. The zoo stated that he had a decades old leg injury and he was in so much pain, unable even to stand without leaning on his trunk, that they had to put him down. This is eerily similar to Rama, who was euthanized at the age of 31 in March of 2015. Here is a brief history of Tusko’s life: ¬†In memory of Tusko Born in Thailand in 1971, Tusko was captured and brought to the US to a zoo in Florida, next he worked with a circus trainer and did tricks for Circus Vargas in Las Vegas. His next move was to Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT) ...

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