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Holiday song book for captive elephants standard

Every year, we at FOZE bring our Free Packy lights and shine a little light on the plight of Packy and the elephants at the Oregon Zoo. This year one of our talented supporters created this beautiful songbook with lyrics to popular holiday songs. We plan to sing them during our Light up the Zoo to Free Packy  event this year, but the lyrics can be used for any elephants (and other captive animals) anywhere, so please share far and wide and help ring in a season of compassion and freedom for these long-suffering animals. holiday song book

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Light up the Zoo to Free Packy! standard

Zoo Lights is time for Packy Lights! Join us as we once again this year bring our message to Free Packy to the thousands of people who go to Zoo Lights. We have song books to share with you so join us in heralding zoo visitors with special holiday songs for Packy and the elephants. We will also have flyers to share with the public, so join us for some merriment with a message. We strongly suggest you take the MAX, as the parking lots will be full–though there is a shuttle lot, so if you need to drive, you can park there and get a ride up to the zoo. Saturday, December 17 Oregon Zoo 5 to 7pm Join ...

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Rally for Packy! standard

JOIN US TO MOURN PACKY’S 4TH YEAR WITH TB Saturday, October 29 12 to 2pm Oregon Zoo Packy was recently diagnosed again with an active form of TB, so he will be continuing with his TB meds which have already caused him to be so sick he lost over a thousand pounds and had to be taken off the drugs at least twice. Packy was first diagnosed in July of 2013 so he is entering his 4th year with TB, a disease that only elephants in captivity get. Rama and Tusko both had TB and are now dead. Packy has been exploited his entire 54 years as the poster boy for the zoo’s breeding program. But Packy is an example ...

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New video of Chendra standard

Chendra 1 Chendra was seen during the July 2nd Zoo concert exhibiting her usual stereotypical circling. It doesn’t seem like the new exhibit has made much of a difference for Chendra. She was imported from Malyasia in 1999 and has been diagnosed with severe steretotypical behavior and she developed severe foot disease within months of coming to the zoo. Also see new video of Rose-Tu, Lily and Samudra. Zoo concerts are very disruptive to the elephants, as they have extremely sensitive hearing and can in fact hear for a distance of 2 miles. Their enclosure is adjacent to the concert stage at the zoo so they are assaulted with loud music and crowd noises throughout the summer concert season. Chendra ...

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