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“Find Packy” Scavenger Hunt standard

Packy is suffering from TB and so has not been shown in public for a really long time. We at FOZE are tired of waiting to see him, so we decided to take matters in our hands and conduct a scavenger hunt to spot him. Help us locate him by playing the game and win exciting prizes! There are five cardboard toys of Packy, each sporting a letter of his name, at each of five local independently-owned businesses in the Portland area who are supportive of our cause. We will provide clues to their whereabouts. Your mission is to: Solve the clues to figure out the businesses that house toy Packys and then take the pictures (preferably selfies!) with the ...

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Packy’s Birthday – April 12th image

Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants and In Defense of Animals (IDA) is sponsoring a “Rally to Free Packy!” to coincide with his 52nd birthday party.  We want Oregon Zoo officials to know that Packy wants freedom for his birthday. On April 12th, he will have spent 52 years behind bars and is suffering from many conditions and illnesses directly related to his captivity and a life-threatening form of tuberculosis.  We urge the Oregon Zoo officials to release him to sanctuary now! RALLY TO FREE PACKY! Saturday, April 12th Noon – 3pm (please arrive at noon if possible) The Oregon Zoo 4001 SW Canyon Road Portland, OR 97221 Join the event on Facebook

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Packy’s Tuberculosis Treatment image

No way to put this delicately: The bad news arrived in a glob of snot. In their effort to track and treat elephantsRama and Packy for tuberculosis, an Oregon Zoo veterinary crew and keepers late last year took a trunk-wash specimen from Packy. That required pouring saline into his trunk. When he exhaled, the crew collected the saline and mucus he expelled, planning to culture it. Packy’s previous trunk washes never tested positive for TB, though a blood test last summer indicated he had a latent case.

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