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Join us to protest Elephant “Waste” Lands on December 15 standard

On Tuesday, December 15, the Oregon Zoo will officially open its over budget and inadqueate “Elephant Lands”, which provides around 4 acres for the elephants, a little over 3 is outdoor space. This new habitat consists of small barren sand lots surrounded by trees and grass that are unreachable to the elephants. It offers little improvement to the lives of the zoo’s remaining 7 elephants. Join FOZE and IDA on December 15 to help us send a message and inform the public that this habitat is a waste of taxpayer money and of elephant lives. What: Protest at Opening of Elephant “Waste” Lands When: Tuesday, December 15  2:00- 3:30 pm Where: Oregon Zoo front entrance, Portland, OR Report Back A ...

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KOIN’s Investigation standard

KOIN’s in-depth investigation on the Oregon Zoo earlier this year has validated what we at FOZE have been saying all along – that the elephants at the zoo are not leading a healthy life, due to captivity, confinement, boredom, disease, breeding and bullhooks. Thanks to Carla Castano for daring to look where other mainstream media avoid for fear of reprisal from Metro.

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Weird Al Be a Pal Help us Free the Elephants! Sept. 5 standard

Join FOZE at the Zoo Summer Concert with ‘ Weird Al’ Yankovic on Saturday, September 5 and help us reach the thousands of concert goers with our message to free the elephants from lifetimes of captivity, starting with Packy and making sure there are no more Packy or Ramas who suffer from disease and isolation at the zoo–by ending the failed breeding program. We will have signs and flyers to distribute to the zoo concert goers. This is our chance to reach a large audience and let them and Weird Al know that this is animal cruelty and needs to stop. Please join us. Use our signs or feel free to make your own We love your creativity. Take the ...

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“Find Packy” Scavenger Hunt standard

Packy is suffering from TB and so has not been shown in public for a really long time. We at FOZE are tired of waiting to see him, so we decided to take matters in our hands and conduct a scavenger hunt to spot him. Help us locate him by playing the game and win exciting prizes! There are five cardboard toys of Packy, each sporting a letter of his name, at each of five local independently-owned businesses in the Portland area who are supportive of our cause. We will provide clues to their whereabouts. Your mission is to: Solve the clues to figure out the businesses that house toy Packys and then take the pictures (preferably selfies!) with the ...

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