We have been alerted to the possibility that Metro and the zoo are planning to euthanize Packy. Why? Because he cannot be treated for TB, and he could transmit the disease–and what we suspect is a prime motivation, Packy is a financial burden who is not increasing ticket sales.

Whatever the case may be, we join the efforts of Packy’s keepers in trying stop any plans to euthanize Packy. His keepers are arguing that he is not suffering and protocols are in place to keep him from infecting anyone else. Whatever our differences with the zoo staff–we obviously believe Packy should go to sanctuary and not remain at the zoo, we do agree that if Packy is not suffering, he should not be put down unless it is absolutely necessary–and only because he is in pain and not because he is affecting the bottom line.

Please contact the Zoo Director, Metro Council and the Zoo Foundation to urge them to spare Packy’s life. After all that Packy has given to the Oregon Zoo and the people of Portland, he deserves to live out his days and not be taken before his time.

Sample letter you can copy and paste.

Dear Metro Councilors and staff  ( Zoo Director, Zoo Foundation)

      I understand that the Oregon Zoo is contemplating euthanizing Packy, and I adamantly oppose this.
     During his lifetime, Packy has suffered from a multitude of illnesses and ailments due to his living conditions at the Oregon Zoo, including contracting Tuberculosis, a disease that does not affect elephants in the wild.  He suffers from multiple ailments due to inadequate space to exercise, living most of his life walking and standing on concrete, exposure to human disease (TB) and exposure to the NW climate, which is very different than an elephant’s natural climate/habitat. 
     Despite all his ailments, I understand that Packy is doing better now that he has been taken off the TB drugs, so he should not be considered a disposable commodity and euthanized.
     Packy belongs in sanctuary, therefore I demand that Metro contact an elephant sanctuary and ask for Packy’s release there. For all that he has given to the Oregon Zoo and to the people of Oregon, Packy deserves to live the rest of his life in a serene and spacious sanctuary that can provide 24/7 care, and allows him the space and suitable habitat to live the rest of his life as close as possible to that of the wild elephant he was born to be.

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