UPDATE: Thanks to all of you we met our goal of raising $8,000 to purchase an ATV for the Global Sanctuary for Elephants!  Friends of Ruth and Emily joined our team to help us raise these funds.

***MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!*** Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants is excited to unite with our colleagues at Friends of Lucy (FoL) and Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants (FWPZE) to raise funds towards the purchase of a much needed four-wheeler for Global Sanctuary for Elephants! GSE is creating the new 2,800-acre Elephant Sanctuary Brazil (ESB) and will soon welcome their first two rescued elephants, Maia and Guida! Five countries in South America have declared the use of elephants in circuses illegal. Brazil will enact similar laws once a qualified sanctuary opens – and one is VERY close to opening!
As of today, about 50 elephants in South America await sanctuary.
Please make a donation to GSE to help make a direct difference in the lives of rescued circus and zoo elephants who will soon benefit from the healing, peaceful habitat and experienced caregiving at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil! We need to raise $8,000 for this four-wheeler and we believe that together we can DO this! Donate directly to GSE here: http://bit.ly/2aD420tA four-wheeler is vital for co-founders Kat and Scott Blais to check on elephants and deliver food and supplements to them while they’re exploring their vast habitats. Speedy mobility for caregivers means the elephants can have the freedom to roam – no chains or tiny enclosures!Each week, we and our partners FoL and FOWPZE will post an update on our FB pages to note the progress towards our $8,000 fundraising goal. Every donation dollar matters. Thank you!Photo of Maia and Guida: Global Sanctuary for Elephants
Graphic design: Our thanks to James Zagler for donating his time and talent towards this worthy fundraising endeavor!
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